Why Does He want to be Friends if He Doesn’t Want to Date You?

He Doesn’t Want to Date You?

Many women ask this question to themselves and their friends that why Does He want to be friends if he doesn’t want to date me, whenever they come across a man who is not ready for a relationship. There are multiple reasons men want to be friends with you only without wanting anything more. 

·         He is not ready for a relationship right now 

A man might not be looking for a relationship if he has got his heart broken recently. Maybe he has been cheated on by the girl he was dating due to which he has low self-esteem.  Or there may be any other reason that he has in mind. You might not know his reasons until he decides to tell you about it. 

When it comes to communicating the concerns and problems, boys are not expressive about what they are going through. They keep their problems to themselves unless they disappear. This is mainly because they have been raised in this way. The few reasons for a man telling you that he is not ready are:

Ø  He has a broken heart to deal with Ø  He has broken someone’s heart Ø  His last relationship was an abusive relationshipØ  He has trust issues Ø  He has left dating and relationships Ø  He is not happy or depressed Ø  The person that he loved has passed away Ø  He is not looking for a commitment 

·         He does not want to lose you as his friend

We all want good friends who we can confide in and count on, so does the man that you want to date. You might be that friend that he wants to confide in so this does not mean that means that he likes you. He might think of you as someone who contributes to the well-being. Both of you are on the same wavelength.

·         There is a history together 

If the man wants to be friends with you, he appreciates your time that both of you spend together. He wants to hold onto you because maybe he likes the connection that you share and does not want to end it, just because he is not in love with you. He likes to hold on to the memories that you have either romantically or in a friendly way, and values whatever you have built together. He wants to spend time with you as friends. The nostalgic memories and good times may be the reason that he wants you as his friend. 

·         He does not have anything against you 

As simple as it is, a man who wasn’t you as a friend, just wants you as his friend. He does not have hate or anything against you. He might not feel that you are attractive in a romantic way or maybe is finding someone better for him. 

It is basic human nature to hold onto people and things for as long as possible. Maybe the man has no reasons to ditch you, rather enjoys his time with you. 

A man can be friends with you without having any intention to date you. He might like the person that you are, needs support and affirmations from you, and thinks of you as a very good friend. This does not mean you are his backup plan but might mean that he is used to your company and enjoys it.