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Are you an option or a priority?

Have you ever wondered what your place in his life is? There comes a time in a relationship when you wonder whether you really are his priority as he says, or are you just an option. This is often a very hard thing to determine because often it is just us being a bit cranky over things and sometimes there are actual facts in front of us that we simply ignore. In order to determine whether you are an option or a priority to him all you have to do is observe some of the very basic everyday events.

Does he ask for your opinion?

If he makes decisions first and then lets you know about them when he has actually taken them then he does not think of you as a priority. The thing about men is that when a woman is close to them and when they really care about women, they ask for her opinion in matters that range from big decisions to normal every day activities like what shirt to wear.

He forgets to reply.

This is a very clichéd thing and you should not Base your judgment on this fact only. However, if you find that he takes days and hours to reply even when he is not busy then it is surely a red signal and time for you to dig deeper into the matter.

His plans do not include you.

Going out with friends is natural and both of you having your own set of friends and like to hang out with them. However, if he makes more plans with his friends and very few with you then he has got you as an option. A man who makes his woman a priority makes time for her.

Based on these few things you would be able to comprehend whether he makes you his priority or are you just an option for him.