Online dating

Best Tips to Keep her always happy!

Compliment her beauty. 

Impress her by noticing the little efforts and changes she makes to look good. Also compliment her natural beauty and tell her she smells nice.  When having intimacy highlights her beautiful points: for instance, body figure, eyes or hair. Be real and original and do not lie, because she will notice and you will come across as a liar. Compliment things you really like about her. 

Be preparing to make an effort. 

If you invite her out, pay the bill. Buy her a little present. Make her feel comfortable and when possible help her forget her worries and feel good while she is with you. This will show how much you care and this work is never wasted. Learning how to impress her will help to know her and later on to stay together. This will make you stronger and more confident as a person, as well as benefiting from the relationship. Some people believe they do not need to put effort into the relationship to make it work, however love that is rooted and after a laborious effort is the only kind that can bring genuine, lasting contentment and commitment. 

Be connected to yourself.

 Knowing whether you have met the right woman or partner comes with knowing yourself. Meditate on silence and get to know what you really want. Achieving success is your natural state, and I shall encourage you to have a vision about the kind of relationship you wish to have.  Be up to speed to who you are, listen.