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Best ways to treat him Good

Keep him entertained

There are many ways to keep men entertained but perhaps the most obvious is ensuring that bedroom matters are up to standard. Although this may seem difficult, it is one of the easiest ways to keep men interested since women only need to take control of the bedroom and sex life. The only requirement is that women need to get rid of certain mentalities, taboos and beliefs about sex. It is important for women to understand that sex is an innate biological process that needs fulfillments. Sexual reservations can be deterrent to men especially if they have been in the relationship for a long time and nothing the way of romance has been showed to them by their partners. It also show pretense on the part of ladies since they too find sex ecstatic and enjoyable and denying you man such experiences can result in monotony which is bad for relationships.So ladies need to ensure that play and seduction in the bedroom is optimal to seduce and arouse your man.

Surprises and initiation of unexpected moments.

Just like in any science or business dealing, creativity and innovation are a requirement in seduction. It is often the case that when couples get married or have been in the relationship for a long time, then creativity and surprises become rarer. You may find ladies who forget their man birthdays or sometime only prefer certain experiences that they have become accustomed to over the course of their relationship. This can be detrimental in the long-run since men may find alternative ways to keep them entertained and women therefore need to learn how to surprise their men. Unexpected sexual encounters can be helpful but it is important to limit such levels of excitement to special occasions to that men have something to look forward to. Other tricks such as learning different sexual positions and being part of your man’s social life helps him become more in tune with his inner self, and his hobbies which is part of the art of seduction.

Tease your man

Whether it’s wearing makeup or adorning sexy outfits to strip dances, it is paramount for ladies to tease their men. It has been ascertained that a playful nature among ladies towards there men is an important part of seduction. Ladies can also incorporate a little of wild talk in there conversations so that dinners or lunches are not boring and this also make men want to come back home more. Although heels might be uncomfortable, once in a while take your man out to dinner outings and make it so weird that he wants to whisper to your ears about all the bad things with the particular dinner outing. You can also try to speak softly to him or tell him how handsome he is, or that a particular dressing style looks good on him simply to tease him. The point is that accessories such as sex-appropriate dresses, lingerie’s and playfulness should be part of a ladies inner self, and letting your man know that this part of you is his too, is the ultimate seduction.


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