Dating tips

Dating tips for women!

Dating is not fun for everyone, true that. It’s more like a job, where you have to make resumes, send emails, and go for interviews. But that’s how it works, it has to be done. Dating is exhausting because you have to step out of your comfort zone to meet strangers, invest your time and money in it. People find it better to spend time with friends and watch Netflix rather than going on a date. 

Here are some tips from a woman’s perspective and how and what to expect from dating. This might be a help for women looking for a date but are too nervous and conscious to take a step. 

Don’t rush into a relationship, it’s ok to be single!

Instead of ending up marrying the wrong guy or breaking up a long term relationship, it’s better to stay single. Being in a toxic relationship is like being in a prison sentence. Explore yourself and start understanding what you want from a partner and then make a move. 

Focus on being practical 

Dating can turn into a marriage that can last forever, but for that, you need to set your priorities straight. Focus on dating someone with the same mindset, someone who understands you and accepts you the way you are. The height looks, the weight won’t matter after 10years so invest wisely.