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Effective Tips to Flirt with Her

Flirty is not easy for some people. However, for some people flirting is very easy and comes as naturally to them as breathing. Here are some of tips and tricks that will help you to flirt with the girl without making blunders.

Rule # 1: Do not Get Nervous

Women like men who are confident. If you start to act nervous, she will most probably run a thousand feet away from you. Moreover, if she sees you withdrawing, she will think that you do not really like her.

Rule # 2: Ask her Out

You want to ask her out and you are doing the entire struggle to ask this one simple question, then what are you waiting for? Never assume that she will say no, maybe you are wrong. If she shows even the slightest bit of interest in you, she will not refuse to go out with you.

Rule # 3: Be yourself

Instead of pretending to be a person you are not, you should focus more on being who you really are and act accordingly. If you try to act cool and try to show off, she will know. Women are very good at sensing when a person is trying to be someone he is not. Therefore, it is better to just stay the way you are and let things progress gradually.

Rule # 4: Compliment Her

This is the most important rule. You should always compliment her. She has put in a lot of effort to look her best, do not let it go unrecognized. Make her feel good.


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