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Handling the Breakup

Break ups are nasty. They do not make a good picture. The worst thing about a break up is that it has a pre break up stage and a post break up stage and both of these stages are pretty nasty as they stir a havoc of emotions for both the parties involved in the act.

However, once you have broken up with your partner, the trick is to handle it well. You may ask now that how can you handle a break up well when a break up in itself is such a terrible thing. However, you can handle it well, all you have to have to do is keep calm. You have to make yourself understand that the relationship was not for you and did not do any good to you. Moreover, you are a strong person and you can conquer anything. Therefore, the same way you are responsible for your happiness.

The first few days or even weeks are a bit hard, especially you were in a long term relationship. In such a case, you may be tempted to know what your ex is doing and you may want to contact them. Do not do that. It will make you regret it and will only lead to refurbishing the heartbreak.

Think of a break up as an opportunity and not as a drawback of your life.Spend time doing all the things you wanted to do, go on adventures. You will find someone that is perfect for you at the right time. Till then, enjoy!


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