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How to Ask a Girl Out On a Date – What Every Man Should Know

This is a nerve-wracking question that must be carefully thought of before it can be unleashed. You also need to be very careful with your wording. However, you don’t have to worry if you are inexperienced because we have just developed effective strategies that can help you out

1.       Approach her with as much confidence as you can and use your posture and open body language to request for the date. Also try to have a little of humor if it starts to become bumpy. This will, help you a lot especially if you speak with the same level of confidence and emotion but add a little flirting lines to it

2.       Develop a follow up idea about the request so that you are not caught off guide with either response. Say if she says “yes” you need to have basic idea of what she may ask. For instance, it will be silly for her to ask you the type of date and you are not even sure of yourself.  Dinner,lunch or even drinks at a local pub are a good fallback option but asking her to choose the type of date is a sign of indecisiveness.

3.       Look your best because you tremendously increase your chances of securing the date if you just had a shower, haircuts and are looking good than when you are shabbily dressed. However, there is no point of putting it in extremes by wearing three piece suits – just ensure that you are smart because your looks are not just a superficial consideration but outline your level of confidence.

With all of these done, take your chances and head over to the girl and request for the date. Chances are that you will secure the date. Enjoy the date and remember to look for more updates on how to maintain her.


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