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How to Avoid Feeling Self Conscious on a Date

It is important to remember that we all suffer from self-consciousness to some extent, even people who appear confident and like they have got it all together.

People who are very self-conscious in social situations tend to have insecurities about themselves that they have not resolved, a major one is often their looks.

Yes, looks aren’t everything, but they do count. The chances are that the person you’re interacting with is as nervous, or more nervous, than you are. If you keep on worrying about your own flaws other people are more likely to notice them.Really listen to what they are saying and think about how you can make them feel good about themselves with your reply.

Spend time with people who appear confident to find out what they say and do that makes them appear so confident to you. Whenever you start to feel bad about yourself think about what your best friend would say to you if they were there.

If it helps you could write a short letter to yourself, highlighting your best qualities and experiences.Have a dream, have a worthy goal you are striving to achieve and  you will soon realize all the stuff you’re worried about is pretty trivial and meaningless.

You’ve got better, more important things to do than to worry if the hair on the back of your head is sticking up. Pursuing a major, definite purpose will help you to not sweat the small stuff. It becomes trivial to you.

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