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How to Be A Better Husband- Best Ways Both Big and Small

Staying happy in marriage involves commitment on both partners. Therefore, husbands that would wish to make sure that they are doing a great job as a husband have to do the things that are outline below – they are sure to guarantee you a happy marriage

1.      Developing moral compasses that define your sense of morality that is connected to a philosophy of life or faith. Whatever you choose to be your compass, make sure that you all agree on it then ground the marriage in it too.
2.      Have faith in yourself rather than in your career. Men are often good in having faith in their careers but being confident in you is often better as it’s considered sexy by women. Therefore, be confident in your love for that lady and support her to the maximum.
3.      Understand your wife just the same way you know your stuff. Make sure you understand the strengths and weaknesses she brings into the marriage to avoid confrontation
4.      Study love to understand what that lady requires from you. Listen to her complains, compliments and needs.
5.      Always prioritize your marriage. By this, I don’t mean that you have to be thinking all the time about your wife but be true to yourself and avoid anything that may sabotage the relationship. Always tell her the truth.
6.      Date her over and over. You heard it said that what it took you to get her is what it should take you to keep her. If you made sure that she smiled at you by having fun with her during your dating, don’t put a stop to it. In fact, never make the mistake of allowing her to think that the good times are over.  Keep her spark, admiration and desire for you going by courting her even after marriage
These are sure ways of being a better husband that will enhance your relationship

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