How To Get A Girlfriend – The Timeless Guide For Men


How do you motivate that girl into becoming more than a friend?  For most of us, taking the friendship into the next level is a complex process because we lack the energy and skills. Then what should it involve? Well, don’t worry, as this guide will help you escape the friend zone into the romantic relationship.

1.       Use sensual tricks by touching her from time to time. However, take care that you don’t be so aggressive. Touch her arm casually. Grab her arm casually and play it cool almost as if it was accidental. However, make sure that you take notice of her response and play it in moderation keeping in mind the response.

2.       Be grateful for anything good that is done to you. Reward any positive action by giving gifts or compliments. This builds confidence because it helps realize that you care and are very cool.

3.       Get her investing in you by requesting her for small favors. This is because it creates a value system for you. Moreover, ladies love men they have invested in. the more they do favor for you and invest in you, the more their desire to get into a relationship with you grows.

4.       Flirt with her while remembering the importance of sexual attraction. Start by teasing her a little and giving her regular compliments on her perfumes and her dressing but never talk about age and weight. Age and weight are a no go zone.

5.       Initiate the conversation. Have the guts to tell her that you are interested in something more than friendship. Just initiate the conversation to give them the reason to be bold and tell you their mind.

If you accurately follow this advice, there is no doubt that you will transform this relationship from a general friendship to a romantic relationship. Take care.
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