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How to make her comfortable while doing sex

Shag is one of the needs that did not escape from any human being. Of course, in this case you are required should be married first. About these tips, your course to the House of Adam is so ignore, or so have a sense very in love with wife/your partner, your partner always wanted to make it so comfortable and satisfied when doing fuck.

In a study on special laboratorium that in his research, the body temperature of women and men on the rise as they are passionate about. On increasing the temperature of a woman’s body on his research declaring always increasing and last longer. But compared to body temperature in men declining at a time when the guy has already done the organism. It is evident that in the fuck do organisms in men faster than women. In other words, you will feel bad when your romance with spouse stop your woman.

A few tips through my sourced from some of the experts expert sex stated, will be more comfortable when you do your women couples foreplay when you have already experienced the first organisms. Well, that woman is comfortable in doing the foreplay time sex with you, below are tips-tips from the experts expert fuck:

Don’t Be So Rude

When you do the foreplay sometimes you instead of giving pleasure on couples, thus in fact gives the opposite effect (effects bruises/sores on the body) as well as in fact concerned with your own pleasure. Kiss in the area of sensitive parts such as ears, and nape of the neck, could make the rise of libido. But if the action you’ve been off the controllable, certainly will turn sick at your partner.

Touching the proper Point

Dr Andri Wanananda, MS, Association of Sexology (ASI) Indonesia, stated that women could feel good/good foreplay when a male partner providing the stimulation of a woman’s partner on the area preferred. This is also when you touch on the most sensitive parts on your women mate, she will experience rapid organism even before penetration.

Don’t rush
Do foreplay on your woman partner for 16 minutes (minimum). And do foreplay when couples the woman did indeed ask to do it again. Because in women was indeed need to repetitively times do foreplay than in men. This is because the female body is designed to excite more sensitive when touched and in need of tranquility.
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