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How to Manipulate her for Surprise Gifts

Trying to find that perfect gift can be a long and winding process. With so many options in front of you, of course it is very difficult to determine the perfect gift for the beloved. But, remember jug with that most important part in buying a gift is an attempt to make the recipient feel that you really knew him well. And with a bit of consideration, you could make sure her face will exude happiness while opening a gift box from you.

Make a plan before. 

Don’t wait until the time is near. With the previous plan, you can specify actions or gifts that match the event being celebrated. You will also have enough time to run it, or order it on the internet if necessary.

Consider your idea. 

Take time to consider three things: its preferred items, things that you like about him, and the similarity of the two of you, which may include certain memories or personal joke. Consider these three things in looking for gift ideas.For example, if you know he likes to Cook, you could have bought him a photo illustrated apron both you guys like. 

Consider to buy a gift that is useful. 

Many people love the gifts that are useful. However, you should be careful with the choice of this one, because it is potentially too boring or ordinary. Questions that you should consider is the “do stuff it will eventually buy it myself if I hadn’t bought him?” If the answer is yes, don’t buy it. A nice gift is an item that is of interest and/or could be used, but will not be bought them by it.For example, maybe he wants to cooking utensils, but too expensive to buy this stuff, it would be the perfect gift for her.

 Make conversation with him lately. 

Likely he intentionally gave its preferred goods instructions to you. Or maybe you never talk about things of interest lately. This can help you determine the reward. Recall the story as inspiring gifts will lead you on a thing that really interest and show that you are listening to the utterance.For example, he says, “music Taylor Swift always makes me happy. I want to buy his latest CD. ”


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