How to seduce him for a better relationship:


According to dating and seducing a woman, there are five levels of listening whereby a man can easily seduce a lady. By understanding and relating on an emotional level by listening. 
On the other hand, the opposite tip works in the same manner whereby some ladies are more attracted to men who do not give them all their attention. In most cases, many women are attracted to men whose feelings are not clear to them in the end. 

However, what matters is the lady that a man is interested therefore it is important to choose the pickup approach accordingly.

Confidence is important for any relationship or seduction to work out in the right manner. Therefore, men are required to boost their confidence game regardless of any challenges faced.

 It involves knowing what makes an individual feel insecure and awkward by being self-aware. For instance, working out regularly boosts confidence and makes women like men easily. 

On the other hand, women like a guy who is not offended easily or does not care about what other people think. Also, maintaining good hygiene is an important way to seduce women whereby an individuals should smell better and have a better breath which are factors of attraction.



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