How to Survive to Date!


The idea of dating is not lovely for everyone for personal and obvious reasons. Dating is more challenging if you are socially shy or introverted. The idea to get up from your bed to meet someone who is a stranger is a pain no? Investing your time, your loyalty, and love in a person you just started knowing is another level of stress. The point is dating seems charming and exciting but with the wrong person, it can be depressing and full of pressures. So the question comes in here, how to survive a date? How to make it work? How to know it’s a go get it or a quick quit? Well, the answers are below. 

Make your dates more spontaneous and energetic. Don’t just sit in candlelight and talk about each other. Rather go out in a mall or watch a movie. This will make you comfortable with the person. 

If it’s your first date, ask questions about each other’s likes and dislikes. Show interest in your partner, don’t be everywhere, be focused, and sorted

Don’t talk about work on your first date. You never know the person in front if you want to be with you only for your money. Better not to Flaunt your status.



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