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How to tell If a guy is Falling in Love

Dating is one of the craziest and fun parts of our life. However, many of us want the sates to get more special and turn into serious relationships. However, it is oftentimes very difficult to comprehend if your man has developed feelings of love for you or not. The thing with men is that their brains are very controlled when it comes to sex and love. They are very good at separating the two and so they seem to be less emotional to women. 

However, there are certain signs that a guy unconsciously does that can tell you if he is falling in love or not.

1.       He wants to say something

It is not very easy for men to say the words I Love You. This is because when they truly give you their heart, they are not very courageous to handle a rejection from someone that they have started to love. Thus, they at times just let the question unasked unless they are very sure your answer would be a yes. Therefore, you might find your guy struggling to ask you something but not asking it every time.

Falling in Love
Falling in Love

2.       He buys you gifts

One of the ways guys show you their love is through buying you presents. No, not birthday gifts, but random presents. If he buys you a teddy or a perfume and it is not Valentine’s day or your birthday and he says that he just felt like it then he is falling in love with you.

3.       He asks for advice

Men know what they want to do and so they often do not ask for advice from anyone. However if you find him 


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