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How to Treat a Woman – Top 20 Best Ways to Keep Her

Any guy anywhere can get a girlfriend but it takes a real man to maintain and keep her because it’s not simple. However, we have developed a set of strategies that can help you keep her forever.

1.      Help her tell you what she is afraid of telling you

Ladies are naturally shy but men can help them by making them feel it’s safe to confide in you.

2.      Respect her feelings
3.      Surprise her with gifts
4.      Ask her on dates as often as possible
5.      Make her feel she is special
6.      Praise her but don’t objectify her.
7.      Centreyour life around her
8.      Give her the time of her life as often as possible by treating her right
9.      Keep in touch with her and never ignore her calls and messages
10.  Be proactive by spontaneously treating her well without waiting for her to request for your help
11.  Be fearless when expressing your thoughts around her so that she realizes that you are confident
12.  Listen to her worries and concerns and look for the best strategies to help her solve her problems.
13.  Always respect her privacy
14.  Give her all your attention and learn to study her body language to get to know when she is disappointed, bored or having fun.
15.  Respect her intelligence.
16.  Always work together with her
17.  Pamper her to make sure that she is happy and feel appreciated
18.  Defend and stand up for her when people are against her to make her realize that you are her knight in shining armor
19.  Compliment her whenever she does anything good but never exaggerate it
20.  Always trust her

These are some of the proven strategies for helping men keep their girlfriends glued to them come what may. This is because they turn girls on.

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