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How you can impress your bae through your Body Language

Body language speaks louder than words and has a more profound effect on your date than your words ever would. Here are some of the body language hacks that are guaranteed to melt her at your feet if yo use them in the right way.

–          Eye Contact
Solid eye contact means honesty. And it is the best tool to build sexual tension. It works wonder on her and a solid eye contact will make her knees go all wobbly. This does not mean that you start staring at her. However, when you talk make sure you hold her gaze, especially when you compliment her. This will also ensure that you are confident about what you are saying. And believe me, nothing turns women on than a confident man.
–          Lean Back
Leaning back is a sign of being relaxed. It is important that you lean back especially if you are feeling tensed, it helps you feel relaxed which automatically boosts your confidence.
–          Show Hands
Keep your hands where they can be seen. This is especially necessary when you are talking, because hand gestures allow you to make an emphasis on what you are saying. It is a sign that you can be trusted.
–          Touch Her
Physical touch is the ultimate key that melts her away. This does not mean that you take it too far, start with a touch on the arm when talking. If she responds well you can progress your way holding hands, hugs and kisses too.

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