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Is It Okay to Miss My Ex After a Breakup?

It’s possible that you’ve managed to move and get a new partner. But as it turns out, there are times where you miss a former lover. This is the thing that goes without saying, given both of you never have the feeling of him and also once shared.

However, this still raises the turmoil and confusion in your heart. On the one hand, you want to forget all the memories of the former, not remember it and do not want to make your partner was injured. Forget the longing to the former is indeed heavy, let alone on the other side you can’t trick yourself if it turns out you do have the feeling.

The following are some tips for those of you who are longing for a former lover:

·         Open Memories Of Him

If it turns out you still keep memories about it, you can try to reminisce about it. You can do by opening the photos while still together, read the diary or blog about it or considering all the gifts from him. But it should not make you feel comfortable. After then you’ve satisfied look on and do a nostalgia, you should immediately put it in the shed or throw it away.

·         Stop Stalking If You Missed Former Lover

The presence of social media like facebook, twitter, path, instagram and soon will make you able to know all things about the former without having to ask someone else. But did you know that doing so will only make the controversy you’re getting? Therefore, it would be better if you remove your friendship with him or even block it.

·         Don’t Ever Compare

Each person must have advantages and disadvantages, as well as a couple and your ex. Therefore, do not ever try to compare ex with your current spouse, because it will only make You Miss getting to the former. It would be better if you accept your partner this time with what it is.

·         Make yourself More happy with my Lover
Keep in mind that there are already people who take better care and love you. Therefore, why you should always remember the former might no longer love or even just thinking of you. It would be better if you also pay more attention to and to love your lover. Do things that can make you both happy, for instance, a picnic or a vacation out of town. In this way, then you can start to forget the nostalgia to the former.


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