Science-Backed First Date Tips – To Make it up Grow Into a Long Term Relation!


Well done, you mustered up the courage and asked out the person you found special, and congratulations because they said yes. But you must have realized that it is only the first step, now comes the part where you plan your first date.

The thought of planning out a wonderful time, and look interested, but at the same time, balance out looking too fascinated is quite stressful. After all, why would you want to risk a lot on something that doesn’t work out?

We’ve got you covered because we have done the heavy lifting for you! We can help you make your date great, and wipe off some of the sweat you got from worrying

Let’s bring in some science and help you with some tips in detail. 

You can obviously choose where you and your date would like to be, but if by any chance you aren’t really aware of the likes and dislikes, pick a neutral place. 

Obviously, the location you choose sets the mood, so choose one where you both can absorb about each other more than usual. Use this to figure out how well you both connect.

And so, the first thought that crosses most minds is, “I should go to a restaurant!” Well, consider things going south, you don’t really fit with your date, and the food comes in, so you both just sit there and eat awkwardly. So restaurants have the recipe for awkwardness you want to avoid.

Step out of the old-school movie/dinner date mindset, times have changed. You can catch up if you decide to hit the bar or a new coffee shop. The environment there will make you both more vocal as you don’t have to dress too well, you don’t have to order an expensive meal, basically giving you less to worry about. 

At the bar or a coffee shop, if a date starts to feel off, you can bale out after a drink. On a better note, if things turn out good for you, stay as long as your heart desires (or your date desires!)

There is an extrovert inside you that is going to feel comfortable between the bustle of the people. On the other hand, such places don’t hurt introverts as well, who prefer quieter, more reserved settings.

However, it’s been proven that practicing self-compassion can have a tangible impact on our lives. 



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