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Should we trust dating site or not?

Why not dating site? People all over the world using dating sites!  As I think it’s a great way to try and to meet interesting people and a real chance to meet your second half!  Now I say about Ukrainian women, wives. What are they? Why such many foreigners got married for women from Ukraine or Russia? What is the difference? What is there so special?  Such questions are in my mind! My friend Tim got married with such woman!  He told me that met her on dating site .And I asked him many times what is there so special in spite of her beauty.  His wife is high and very beautiful Ukrainian blond! She loves his not for richness (he is not rich and no poor)!  His answer was she won my heart, I fell in love, she is special devoted and differ from American women that family-oriented, honest and very hardworking! They got lucky. I know beautiful, wonderful people who have tried online dating with little success for months and years. I don’t pretend that his story is typical. I know them extremely lucky.

This is just one couple’s experience. Of course they have had ups and downs as every couple has. But 3 years into marriage they have 2 kids, most days; they cherish each other and love being around each other. They are very committed to one another. And I know without a doubt that he loves her with everything he has. Of course I have a girlfriend by my nationality in US  but every time I feel interest to Ukrainian women  and  I  registered on one of Dating sites   some days ago where my friend met his Ukrainian  destiny . I think to try communication or maybe meet with Ukrainian woman and serious relations! What do you say? Maybe i am silly? but i want to try who knows maybe I will get lucky ,any the way I just want to communicate with them! By the way they met each other on dating site

David S, US

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