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Things to Consider Before Going on a Date!

How well do you walk through a date? Most of the people find it nervous, confusing and stressful. As much as the thought of meeting someone you like arouses you, it comes with so many questions and anxiety. The thought of how your date is going to be, how you know it will work or not. There are some never-ending questions your brain will ask you and you probably won’t have an answer in the heat of the moment. We have compiled some tips and pinpoint some areas that need importance before planning a date. Have a look! 

Learn from the past!

Look for the reason why it didn’t work out well with your ex. The past is a great opportunity to look for better this time. Look carefully why it didn’t work previously and how this relationship is different from the last one. 

Go with the instinct!

Some people have a sharp and edgy sixth sense, they can feel if something is unusual or odd. Keep the windows of your head open looking for clues. 

Read body language! 

Body language can never lie. When you are talking with your partner notice their body language. Maintain eye contact, see how they are sitting and how what they are saying is different from what they actually feel.


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