Thoughts You need to Discuss Before Proposing for Marriage


If you are looking to purpose her, you have definitely made it to the long way already! But if you are looking to be sure about what things that need to be prepared and what you need to discuss before doing the proposal things we are going to discuss that here!

Ask Her All Things-

You need to be sure about different things such as, how she wants to live. Where she wants to live, how she wants to live together how you gonna do the home accountings and all those things that you haven’t yet discuss. You need to discuss all that trust me. This way it’s gonna save so much time and it really helps in building trust and makes things easy!

You should Ask Her Opinion on Marriage-

Yes asking the opinion on marriage is a way different things then only dating, or if she is even ready to get along with the marriage. You guys can be together, live together but being in such marriage thing needs to be assured of before moving ahead for this.

Ask Her about Work and All-

You need to be fair with her, and tell her about work and ask her about her work too. This will solve many coming hurdles as well and can make the conversation hell easy!

So these were the few basic tricks to follow if you are into marriage and looking to get this thing to happen real soon!



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