Tips to make your first date great!


Congratulations you have managed to find that someone special and have said ‘Yes’ to him/her. The first stage of complexity is finished, now comes the stressful part ‘dating’. Where to meet, when to meet, how to look are some questions that can give one sleepless nights. The fear of rejection is the main reason for this, you don’t want to feel less important. Dating is beautiful only when you both get comfortable together with each other, but to get there you have to go through the whole process of knowing each other and how well should things go. Here are some things that should be considered before going on your first date. 

Plan the venue! 

This is the point where you can either feel nervous or will get comfortable. Yes the venue of the date is very effective, instead of going to a candle light dinner in the first meeting making it too cheesy go for a movie. Discuss together what suits you both. 

Engage in conversation 

Don’t talk too much or not at all. Be socially interactive but don’t overdo everything. Women don’t like men who throw cheesy lines on the first date. And men don’t like women being self obsessed. 

Dress up neatly! 

Dress up to impress! Yes, that works but it doesn’t mean you wear something that you don’t feel comfortable in. Rather wear something that keeps you comfortable in your skin and you can carry it with confidence.



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