What are the Most Relevant Strategies for Men


Text versus phone, walk versus beer, there are plenty of questions regarding the same… These days the ins and outs of dating can be very challenging for people. Yet, many of the tried and true tips for dating never change. and thus we have written some of the very expert opinions on the topic of what are the most relevant strategies for men in an attempt to help the fellas out there.

1. Be Personable

“Don’t send an email or text first to ask a lady out. The above are impersonal and it’s about getting to know somebody directly, dating. It also creates a bad precedent for the relational dynamics of the partnership.

2. Don’t move too fast

“To most people, online dating entails a certain amount of danger and insecurity so spend time getting to know her online and via phone and video chats before proposing a meeting in person to make her more relaxed.”

3. Take the Initiative

“If you chat or email when preparing the event, then the guy still has time and location in mind. You really want to join one of those markets like … ‘What would you want to do? Oh I don’t know what you’d like to do? ‘make a suggestion and be optimistic.’ 

4. Meet in Public

“Make the first few dates in public and travel separately to let the lady realize that making her feel secure is the highest priority.”

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