What you Really should be Asking Yourself if Things do not Go your Way

There are ups and down in every relationship. And there are times when you would either having a very, very hard time in your relationship or you may be going through a break up. In any harsh circumstance, what do you feel? It feels as if the universe is punishing us. As if there is nothing good that can happen with you and that all the bad things come to you only. And the most asked question that we often find ourselves asking is “why me?” 

However, the only question that you should ask yourself is “what are the opportunities being presented to you?” you see with every break up and every downturn in your relationship, it gives you the opportunity to ask yourself that is all of this worth it. A relationship is supposed to make you feel happy and good, and if you constantly feel yourself being unhappy and questioning yourself that where did you go wrong then it might be nature’s way of giving you another chance to live better and be happy. With every set back, you should first learn to love yourself instead of finding fault in yourself. When you will start to love yourself, everything else will automatically go in your favor. 

This is because if you would love yourself you will not let any other thing or person to make you think about anything bad about yourself. Loving yourself is the most important element of being happy and it also enables you to look and grab all the best opportunities that come to you.


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