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When do you Introduce Someone to your Friends?

This is one of a very big question that you often find yourself asking that should I let him/her meet my friends and family? Is this the right time? Is he/she really the one? However, the first step in finding our if he/she is really the one for you is when you introduce them to your friends. However, when should you take this step?

The best thing to do is prepare yourself and your mates before deciding to introduce your partner to your friends. It is always a better idea to let your fiends know about your partner beforehand than just introducing them without any prior notice. Tell your friends clearly what are the no-go conversation areas too.

Moreover, you should also talk to your partner about your friends so that he/she also has an idea about them. This is one of the easiest ways to make the two parties familiarize with each other without making anything awkward. Furthermore, it also helps a lot when you actually introduce them because by then your friends and your partner know enough about each other that they get pretty well along with each other and there are no awkward and silences as if some stranger has entered the gang.

What is more important is that, the best time of introducing your girlfriend or your boyfriend to your friends is when you are sure that you and your girlfriend/boyfriend know each other too well. This is important that first you guys are comfortable with each other and then others are introduced.