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Why I shouldn’t let him go away

People seek psychotherapy when they are stuck with their relationships. Often people struggle to let go of their relationship, but it does not always materialize. While it is essential to have a look at the compelling factors to walk away from him, it is essential also to know you can salvage your relationship with your man for the following reasons. 

Don’t Leave Him 

At times, leaving your husband would mean you have to put with your financial burden. It would be more unfortunate if you were not anticipating such since you might not have the financial muscles to get started. Therefore, this would make you come up with a conscious decision to retain him for your financial concerns.   At times you will feel compelled to leave, but you will not go away as you will feel sorry for him. 

Be with them NO Matter what 

Therefore, irrespective of the betrayal, you may find salvaging your relationship easier than walking away. There could also be some other compelling factors, and you might find that you never had the intention to leave your marriage.  Therefore, irrespective of your challenging relationship, you still find reasons to keep him.  Moreover, the impact of the separation is a hard reality to fathom. The effect on the children too. It will always make you consider retaining your man.At times, you also tend to be unconsciously unaware of what awaits you in the future if you leave him and therefore you tend to stick with him 


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