4 Practical Tips for Dating During a Pandemic

To be honest, dating is challenging when the circumstances are normal, but it is a lot more tricky during this pandemic. Whether you want to date casually or find someone for a long-term relationship, some tips may help you navigate dating during a pandemic.

1.Be clear about what you want.

Dates and meetups during the pandemic are hazardous. It can be frustrating, and you have to be selective about who you want to match, talk to and then meet. So, you must know what you are looking for in the relationship. There are many questions that you may ask yourself. If you use the dating apps, you can use the questions to tailor the profile as well as make filters. For example, if you want a serious relationship, you can consider filtering people who find casual relationships. If you sure of these features and be honest regarding what you will allow, you can set expectations clearly and match people with similar things.  

2.Communicate and maintain the boundaries

All of us have been affected by COVID-19 differently, and all also have different comfort levels when we consider meetups and dating. As many apps have features that will help you include your comfort zone, it is still essential to communicate them directly with the potential dates regarding what makes you comfortable and safe.

For example, you may select meeting on video call before you set a date in person, or you might have to make sure that the other person is okay in maintaining social distance and wearing a mask. Trust your gut and be honest about the expectations that you have. If you are pushed to dismiss the boundaries or do something that is not comfortable for you, they are not for you. 

3.Embrace connection and authenticity


As we are humans, so we seek out safety, stability, and clarity in our relationships. But the modern culture of dating emphasizes low accountability and casual interactions. We might feel that we are pressurized to be chill and play it cool to minimise what is needed or wanted by us or avoid commitments early on. Ultimately, the expectations and norms of dating can cause uncertainty and increases anxiety in the relationships. To fight it off, you must embrace connection and authenticity. Allow yourself to shine whether you are dating in person or online. Make a profile that shows who you are. Show yourself through questionnaires, bio, or photos. When you stay true to the authentic self, you can make connections that are a lot more meaningful. Look for people who have interest similar to yours, who appreciate you and let you be yourself. You can always take your time as it is essential. During this pandemic, dating is a slow process. So, enjoy it and use this opportunity to know others and yourself. 

4.Stay healthy

Socializing has been affected, and the rules have changed significantly during the past year.  Before we go out in person, we are all anxious. If you are a person who is concerned about the risks of health, stick to the virtual options, or you can also try few date dates that can be done while maintaining distance. 

·         Head outdoors – For this, cold weather is not an ideal option, but it can be a fun way to get to know the date and limit exposure. You can bike around or walk around the town or hike on a trail together. Just know that all if we have different levels of activity, experiences as well as access such as transportation or equipment. ·         Visit the local attractions – A lot of exhibits and museums have reopened. If you plan a day trip, consider exploring the Zoo, Pavilion, or any museums you have in your city. To limit your exposure, it is recommended to travel separately if possible and choose sites that are ventilated or have outdoor areas. 

No matter what you are planning to do, cover your faces, wash your hands, and make sure to check the guidelines before planning. Make sure you keep others safe as well. 



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