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How to find The Perfect Girl

In this wide world of immeasurable space and distances are living human beings of diverse kinds. But from among them, you want to have your perfect partner and love of your life. 

You should choose who you want to become part of your life and once you have chosen can make your relationship work. 

Mentioned below are some tips on where to find your dream girl and how to know she’s the for you. 

Places to find your Dreamgirl :

1.Dreamgirls and Gatherings:

Parties and gatherings are the places you meet many people, you have never met before with diverse personalities and habits. So you can easily spot what type of partner would click perfectly for you. 

2.Hobby classes:

Better join some pastime class like some cooking class, pottery, Paintings, etc. Same interests might bring you together. 

3. Look around:

Sometimes your best option is just a step away from you but you never realize it. Look around in your place of work, neighbors, and friend circle. You might have your dream girl next door and maybe you are just unaware. Because after all the ones who live closer know you better than the ones you’ve never met before. 

4. Go out in Parks:

On a nice lovely evening, go out in a park for a walk and notice the people around you.

Might be possible your perfect girl is having a walk there too. You just need to put on a light conversation and have a good time. 

5. Charity event :

You must want a girl who understands you and has a deep meaning of life and has a heart of gold. Charity events are the best places to go then. 

Because the ladies there must have a soft heart to care about others and not just shallow meaning of life chasing after money or wealth. 

How to know She’s the One:

1) Observe her:

Once you’ve finally decided on the girl you want, observe her closely because she’s the one you’re going to share your life with. 

Observe whether she Seeking for a relationship, or does she wants to see you as a man or just a friend. 

Observe her habits and personality. She might not be, What she seemed to me. 

2) Company matters:

Watch out for her friends for sure. If she has a group of people always drinking, smoking and out, at parties and you don’t want such an approach in your relationship, then you should think again. 

She might have a lot of male friends, and may not be ready to leave them. So be careful about what you choose. You both might click together in the end but the risks are always there. 

So, precautions are better than cure. 

3) beware of Cheaters:

Nothing could be worst than cheating your partner. Temporary hurting is better than long-term toxicity. So search for whether she has cheated before, or there any chance of it. 

4) Don’t Judge from the Surface:

Don’t make your mind just by looking at the girl, the way she dresses, or the branded stuff. Try to focus more on her personality than physical appearance and don’t let superficial issues affect your decision. 

5) Think, Judge, and then choose:

Don’t make rash decisions. Take your time, spend time with her, go out on dates, and know each other better before making her your partner. 

Be open-minded and accept her as she is instead of forcing her to change herself for you. 

There is your perfect girl out there, you just have to look for her and you’ll surely find her. 


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