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Ways to avoid Negativity in your Relationship

As by Sam keen :

” You come to love not by finding the perfect person but seeing an imperfect person perfectly “

 When you love someone genuinely, you don’t leave them when things are hard rather you work on your differences and still walk together through thick and thins. 

As time passes, both of you don’t have the same energy, you fight, a romance slowly fades away and relationships start becoming toxic. 

To avoid toxicity and to make a strong connection between both of you, you need to work on things together, support each other.


1)  Understand each other:

Everyone has their personality and set of habits. You need to understand each other, listen to what other is saying, and don’t get offended by little things.

Be patient and understand the other partner might have his/her problems going on. 

Help them get off their depressions, not be a source to add to it more. 

2) Spend time together :

We are so busy with the daily schedules that we ignore the little things in the way. 

Spend time together, go on dates, have late-night talks, watch a movie together.

Put your phones aside when the other is talking and make them feel like you are present, and you are there for your Partner.

3) Communicate about problems:

 Instead of shutting each other out, talk about the problems, be honest, and refrain from telling lies. 

Everyone has their way of communicating and expressing themselves, focus on the meaning behind the little toxic quarrels and fights, and be open about your issues.

4) Appreciate the little things:

Happiness is always in the little things you do. Appreciate your partner for making food for you, and the little efforts he/she put into making you happy and try to reciprocate the same. 

Apologize when you are wrong instead of being stubborn about it. Initiate a conversation yourself than expecting the other to do it. 

Ask about each other’s day, their health, and if they are doing fine with their chores. 

These are little things but help establish a healthy relationship. 

5) Show love and gratitude :

Be thankful to each other for accepting you the way you are with all the imperfections. Show love and gratitude. And be each other’s strength in hard times. 

6) Accept the differences and work on them:

You both might not always have the same opinion, differences are always there but better accept these differences than fight on them. 

Be open-minded about other’s thoughts and welcome a new dimension to the conversation.

7) Have fun and support each other :

 Our world is full of troubles, in this chaotic world have a happy and fun time together. 

Support each other and celebrate small achievements. 

 Oscar Wilde said:

” Who, being loved, is poor? “

 So appreciate the love you have, be thankful for it, and live an ideal life. 

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