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I want to find My person.What do I mean by ‘my’? That’s simple. I need to feel happy . I need to be myself. Relationship should bring only best and positive emotions.We should have the same dreams, and aims in our life and go together in the same direction.We should understand each other, support and of course love each other every day as if we were living the last day together) Our life is too short to quarrel, to argue, to try to prove something.I don’t need that.I just want to wake up near my beloved and best man in the world , to make a breakfast for him, to do my work and then to return home with the thought that my love is waiting for me.i don’t think it is too much, what do you think? Do you want such kind of relationship?

Alina is very creative person.I like painting, this is one of my passion.I like playing the piano, it helps me to relax.I like skiing in winter time.I am fond of sport, I pay big attention to my health and body. She studies a lot, I think a woman should be beautiful not only inside but outside as well.I like traveling . Alina has many friends and they all love me) It means I am a good person, right?)) I am not a conflict person, I like open discussion, i don’t like hiding my feelings. I am kind hearted and I like helping others. I hope you will tell me more after talking to me, I alsways like to know other people’s opinion about me.Are you ready?)

I’m a realist, so I don’t even want to think about certain criterias of my search. Communication is the only tool helping to understand whether a person is your soulmate or you’re from different planets. I believe that lasting love story can start with a simple “hello” in your mailbox. And there is no sense to make the things harder with some list of demands

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