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Top 10 things to do in Kyiv

Top 10 things to do in Kyiv. Kiev is having a moment. Regularly the subject of the nightly news, the city is just waiting to be discovered by tourists. You may know it as the capital of Ukraine and a manufacturing powerhouse, but what you may not know is that this lesser known European city also makes a dream destination for visitors.

Walk through the streets and visit the many small shops, restaurants, museums, and landmarks.

Although there are many places to visit in the city, find the best spots for sightseeing with our list of the top attractions and things to do in Kiev.

10. Balloon flight

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The best way to look at the city is to take a look at it from the skies. The balloon flight provides the possibility to see the entire city below your feet. Any other service cannot offer the same experience.

9. Excursion on a retro auto

Wonders & Holidays. Mezhyhirska St, 5

Take a ride around the most famous Kyiv sites on a retro car. You can book different options, including DKW, Lincoln Zephyr, and others.

8. Visiting Mykola Siadrystyi Micro Miniatures Museum.

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Take a look at the most famous micro miniatures in the world. See the shod flea, rose in human’s hair, chess desk on the eye of the needle, and more.

7. Take a Ride in a military tank

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Boost your adrenaline level by taking a ride in a real military tank. Such an adventure is the best way to get familiar with how Ukrainian militaries work.

6. Take an underground tour

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Walk under the major streets of Kyiv and explore more about the underground life of the Ukrainian capital.

5. Take a canoe ride down the Dnipro river

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If you prefer an active way of time-spending, take a canoe ride down the Dnipro river and explore its islands with historical sites.

4. Take a tram ride to Pushcha-Vodytsya

Pushcha-Vodytsya. Google Reviews 4.7

A tram ride might be interesting and exciting if you travel to one of the most famous green zones of Kyiv.

3. Walk around the Volodymyrska hill

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Volodymyrska hill is one of the oldest parks in the city. Take a walk around it and see the astonishing and picturesque views.

2. Walk to Vozdvizhenka

If you want to see what the modern Kyiv looks like, take a walk to the Vozdvizhenka street and see the modern and colourful buildings of the Ukrainian capital.

1. Visit the Observation Decks

Dniprovs’kyi descent. Google Review 4.9

There are a lot of decks in Kyiv where you can take a look at the city. But if you want to see the major river of Ukraine in all its beauty, visit the observation deck on the Dniprovs’kyi descent.


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