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Discover Manchester. Manchester United and other places to visit

Manchester is a large city in the United Kingdom, located in the northwest corner of the country. Lancashire’s commercial and cultural hub, as well as a major industrial center and seaport. Manchester, known as the “capital of the English North,” was once one of the key engines of the Industrial Revolution. It was a metropolis of manufacturers and laborers. It is now a hub of culture and art, media and education, with numerous leisure and sports facilities that have expanded its tourist attractiveness significantly.

Manchester Cathedral

One of the oldest Anglican churches in England is located on Victoria Street in the center of Machester, near the National Football Museum’s glass boot. The cathedral’s construction began in 1422. Between 1486 and 1508, it construct the chapels on the sides. The cathedral appears gloomy from the exterior, especially on an overcast day. The cathedral’s interior is noteworthy, for its beautiful stained-glass windows with vivid mosaic decorations. Manchester‘s cathedral is a great historical landmark.

National Football Museum

The city that has two of the best soccer teams in Europe – Manchester City and Manchester United – is a great place to pay tribute to the country’s favorite sport – soccer. The National Football Museum, one of the top soccer museums in the world, is one such location. This soccer shrine features a wonderful collection of soccer-related items, including the very first soccer manual, some of the first cleats, and historical trophies and clothes. There are numerous excellent short films that depict the history of the sport.


Manchester‘s inner city is Castlefield. The Irwell River, the shoreline, Deansgate, and Chester Road form its boundaries. A walk amid the superbly restored Victorian mansions along the old canals, or through the reconstructed Roman fort spent for any interested Manchester traveler.

Explore the Bridgewater Canal, established in 1761 to transport coal from Worsley mines to Manchester. It is as well as the historic warehouses, refurbished and converted into offices, retail, hotels, and restaurants.

Old Trafford. Manchester United

Another Manchester attraction that even non-football fans are aware of is Old Trafford Stadium, the home stadium of Manchester United. Old Trafford Stadium erected in 1910 and has a capacity of approximately 75,000 supporters. It is the second largest soccer stadium in the United Kingdom after Wembley and the ninth largest in Europe.

Old Trafford located one kilometer from Old Trafford Cricket Ground, just outside of Manchester’s city center. The stadium houses the Manchester United Museum and is a must-see attraction in Manchester. The museum’s guides on the history of Old Trafford and Manchester United are superb.

Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) housed in the historical building of the world’s oldest railway station. The museum dedicated to advancing science, technology, and industry, with a focus on the achievements of the city in these sectors. Its 12 halls house the majority of scientific and industrial achievements from the 17th to the 19th centuries, featuring such rarities as a steam-powered machine from the Golden Age of Textiles, a 1904 Rolls Royce, and one of the world’s earliest steam engines, Ericsson’s Novelty of 1829.

Chetham’s Hospital and Library

The Chetham Library is the oldest free public library in the United Kingdom. The library, established in 1653 under the will of Humphrey Chethams (1580-1653 ), for the education of “the sons of honest, industrious and sickly parents,” and for the use of scholars. 

The library contains over 100,000 volumes of printed books, of which 60,000, published before 1851. The Chetems Library includes a collection of printed works from the 16th and 17th centuries. The Chetems Library was the meeting place of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels when Marx visited Manchester.


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