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Are you ready to learn about the interesting life of a funny girl? What I didn’t see during my working days, and if it weren’t for my life and work I would have burned out of loneliness)I would like to share my inner world with you. I don’t know what you think looking at my pictures, but in my heart I am a simple and caring woman. I appreciate honesty in people. I believe that a person should always try to improve and I am trying. Though, of course, I am not perfect. I appreciate sincere and kind people, because I am that way. I try to learn more about life each day and I will do my best to create a loving family.


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Her Type of Man

Reading fairy tales in childhood, watching cartoons, every girl dreams of a prince) But there is real life, and circumstances that cannot be predicted) I am for feelings, emotions) I want to meet a person without rules, standards, and restrictions) What would tear the roof) What would no brakes) These qualities do not depend on age) This is only the decision of each person to be or not to be) I don’t forgive nature, I have my own impulses, and if I love, I just love) In love there are no rules, criteria and norms .. .. You just have to appear in my life and that’s it!

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