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Discover Stuttgart. Explore the best places to visit

Discover Stuttgart

Discover Stuttgart. Explore the best places to visit. Stuttgart is invariably included in the tourist itineraries of Germany, attracting travelers with its harmonious combination of medieval architecture and picturesque natural scenery.

To experience the spirit of a European city, the first place tourists usually head for is the central square. In Stuttgart this is Schlossplatz. It is beautiful by day and by night, so you can come here at any time of day to relax on a bench or on the lawn and under the sound of the fountain enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the city. The square has a metro station and a lot of attractions: an opera house, a cinema, several museums and the Monastery Church. Schlossplatz has the longest pedestrian street in Germany – Koenigstrasse with many stores, pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Neues Schloss

The main architectural landmark of the square is the Neues Schloss, built in the second half of the XVIII – early XIX centuries. Originally the palace served as the residence of the Wurttemberg dukes and kings, now the seat of the Baden-Wurttemberg state government. During the war, the new castle almost completely destroyed, but in the second half of the 50s it rebuilt. The Old Castle (Altes Schloss) also located here, which built in the second half of the 16th century and also perfectly restored after the war.

A 20-minute walk from the central square is another landmark of Stuttgart – Johanneskirche on Feuerseeplatz. It is a beautiful Gothic cathedral surrounded by a lake with an unfinished tower, which according to the architect’s concept, symbolizes the eternity of existence and the infinity of knowledge. Especially beautiful the church looks in the reflection of the water, in which swans proudly swim. The brightly lit cathedral looks no less majestic at night.

The city of Stuttgart has several other picturesque buildings that are worth visiting:

Schloss Solitude


Baerenschloessle (Bear Castle)

Stiftskirche (Monastery Church)

The most famous attractions in the city are the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche Museums. Even if you are not a fan of cars, you will interested in visiting them, if only for the sake of the old rarity cars.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

First of all, it is worth saying that the building itself. Which built in 2006, is an excellent example of modern architecture. The concept of the interior structure is also interesting: the stairs are made in the form of a DNA chain. Visitors go up in an elevator and take one of the spiral staircases down to view the exhibits.

The museum features about 1,500 vehicles that showcase the 120-year history of the plant and the evolution of Mercedes-Benz. If you are interested in the history of a particular car, you can watch a short video. In addition, there is a variety of car paraphernalia such as driver’s gloves, auto emblems, hubcaps, disks, etc. on the stands. Particular attention paid to the racing history of the automaker and by paying only 4 euros you can “drive” a very realistic Formula 1 simulator.

Porsche Museum

This museum has fewer exhibits than the previous one. However, there is more detail about each model, with special emphasis on engine performance, and there are interesting installations of individual parts.

Two other advantages over the previous museum are the smaller number of tourists and the opportunity to sit inside a car and take pictures in its interior, receiving a photo to the e-mail address you specify. There is also an excellent restaurant and coffee shop with pleasant prices.

Be sure to visit Killesberg Park. Here you can not only have a good rest in the shade of trees. Stroll along the bright flower beds and the lake, lie on the emerald lawn but also go around the park on a little train. Which brings children a sincere delight. If you love nature, include Weissenburg Park in your plan of things to see in and around Stuttgart. This park is located on an elevated site that offers a stunning panorama of the city. The main attraction of Weissenburg Park is the Teehaus. A cozy café where you can have a delicious lunch while enjoying Stuttgart from above


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