Here’s How to Attract the Type of Person You Actually Want to Date
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Here’s How to Attract the Type of Person You Actually Want to Date

Are you one of those people who want a stable relationship, yet you constantly find yourself dating people who are nothing like that? Or you are an adventurous free spirit, but you have dated three super-serious people. If you are any of these people, you may think about why your characteristics do not align with what you want in your significant other? 

We will help you break the cycle if you have always been dating the wrong ones. 

·         Be who you are looking for 

The harsh thing that we would like to break to you is that probably it is you and not them. When you look for something specific, it is an unfilled wish that you have in yourself. If you are not stable financially, then you may be looking for someone financially stable that is why he finds it appealing in another person. 

Particularly, it has nothing to do with the bank account size. Instead, it is about aligning your values with the ones you want to see in your partner. It will spark actual interest. Once the values align, there is a sense of respect between the individuals, which leads to the compatibility essential for a successful love relationship. 

·         Adjust the expectations 

More essential than becoming the individual that you would want to date, it is necessary to be the best version of yourself. Maybe it is needed to be financially stable as well as to accept that it is not right to care about money a lot. After that, re-evaluate whatever you are looking for in another person with the reframed values under consideration. Proper identification will let you attract the perfect partner. Once you are content with your life, you can be happy. 

·         Rethink the list 

A list will allow you to know what you are looking for, but not the one with traits listed on it. Instead, make a list of how you want to feel when you are in a relationship. It will take the criteria away from things that are superficial. Shift your focus on the outcome, for example, “I want to feel adored and secure in the relationship” or “I want to be inspired.” It makes sure that there is longevity in your relationship. Also, remember that humans are not static, and they evolve. 

·         Be original on social media.

Your presence on social media has a role in attracting people towards you. So it is essential to be authentic on social media. An honest and accurate social media will attract potential partners who are like you without giving confusing messages. If you do not care about your social media, then maybe your partner will also not care. Again, it comes back to the values. 

·         Never waste your time on the wrong people. 

If you find yourself settling, then it is good to crosscheck the partner against your priority list. If there is no match, you should move on. You surely know who you do not want to marry after spending time. Some people become more attractive as you spend time, and some become less attractive. So, it is advised to listen to the gut feeling.