How to Find a Person for Dating?


It is difficult to find a compatible person to date so here are some tips that you can use to find a person with whom you can have a healthy and loving relationship.

Hurdles in Finding a Life Partner

Single life gives you the independence to live a life on your own terms like pursuing your career, hobbies and interest but you need to cater your emotional needs with the right partner. Our emotional needs we want to cater to are hurdles to finding the right person. Some of the hurdles are uncertain and unhealthy relationships around you, you are confident, you are attracted to the wrong person, or you are insecure because of your past relationships that did not work out well. No matter how your past experience was, there is always a soul mate out there in need to have you. 
Defining a Healthy Relationship?

A strong and healthy relationship is not mainly based on love, which is although the foremost important thing, but it is not just a romantic feeling, rather an accumulation of several things like respect, communication, supporting each other’s external interests, and having a strong emotional connection. 
Remove your Misconceptions about Dating

 Some misconceptions like being in a relationship completes your life; though it may be unhealthy, you need to have an instant attraction to someone, women’s emotional needs are different than men; instead they need equal emotional support, physical attraction fades with time; rather it is improved with the right person, you can change a person; but in true relationship you like the way they are, intimacy will be challenging for you because you were never close to someone, and disagreements will ruin your relationship. If you eradicate these myths from your mind, you can find true love. 
What to Expect in a Relationship?

You need to assess your needs and wants in a relationship. You cannot decide that a person is right for you, just by watching them online or in a street or your office. You have to be with them. You cannot compromise on your needs in a relationship, although wants can wait. 

Here are some tips you need to have a healthy relationship
Tip no 1: Perceive Relationships in a Certain Way

The best person can take some time to appear in your life so finding a partner should not be your goal in life, instead you should focus on your personal growth. Try to spend time getting to know them because first impressions are usually unreliable. You should not be dishonest about your shortcomings. Be honest about who you are with your potentials and your flaws so they do not affect your relationship.
Tip no 2: Have a Strong Connection

Just physical intimacy is not long lasting, you should consider how you connect with the other person. If you are confident, happy and lively with a person, you should consider taking it further.
Tip no 3: Make Fun your Foremost priority

Dating sites can give you a speedy yet unhealthy relationship. So it would help if you expanded your social circle by taking part in fun activities like volunteering, clubs, offices, attending seminars related to your interest, and applying for courses that suit your hobbies. By involving in such activities, you are prone to finding a person that matches your interests. 

Tip no 4: Learn how to Handle Rejection

You cannot find your Mr or Ms Right is the first person you meet because it is difficult to have compatibility with everyone, so you might have to face rejection, but that should not lead you to disappointment and lack of confidence. You should not take rejection personally,  learn from the experience to know what you need, and you should not repress your feelings of being hurt, understand your emotions, so you move on easily. 

Tip no 5: Be Careful about the Warnings

Rely on your instinct to perceive the other person’s behavior. If they are alcoholics, do not make commitments, dominant, interested mainly in sexual relationships, and do not spend personal time with each other. If you sense any such characteristic, beware and try to change it. 

Tip no 6: Remove Trust Issues

Have a strong relationship by putting trust in your partner without worrying about who they spend time with and try to have a friendly relationship with each other to remove insecurities. 



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