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The Koda Seattle

When it comes to your home owning perspective, it is extremely important to make the right choice just on the stage of dealing with a real estate pro. In Seattle, tons of offers are available on the local housing market. Moreover, due to the latest stats, there are some facts you should consider in advance.

1. In 2023, the median price on the real estate market in Seattle reached $760K, which is a 4.1% increase.

2. On average, real estate items are sold in a matter of 40+ days in Seattle.

3. There are over 909 active listings for sale in Seattle today.

All of that can come in handy to consider when you start your search for the best housing market listing for you and your family. Yet, when it comes to making a decision, the first and foremost question you have to ask yourself is whether you need a private house or a condo apartment. The last option has multiple benefits in case you are single or a young couple. Besides, new condos in Seattle offer an incredible living experience to their owners. You can assure that by visiting the Koda Seattle condos.

The Koda Seattle: an Example of Perfect Community to Live in Seattle

As we have mentioned, the Koda Seattle new condominium can make a perfect example of new-gen urban living. What makes the Koda Seattle condos the #1 idea for a living?

  • Ready to move studios with the furnishing, plumbing, interior design, etc. Just buy it and move in!
  • A fascinating water view from your windows. The Koda Seattle is situated at 450 5 Main St. and it’s surrounded by the most spectacular views in Seattle.
  • Lots of floor plans to your choice, which means you can select the housing of your dream.
  • Multiple additional amenities. The Koda Seattle is a new-gen condo which is a more social hub and the basis for a community than just walls and windows you are going to make your property. Here you can enjoy spa and pool zones, restaurants and lounge zones for condo residents and their guests.
  • The condo adheres to the concepts of organic, resource-saving, and responsible living. All the engineering ideas use modern energy-saving, environmental-friendly technologies and concepts. So do the residents of this condominium.

Benefits of Buying New-Built Condos

As you can see based on the Koda Seattle housing, new condos are good for living. To make summaries, let’s highlight the main benefits of choosing this type of real estate offer.

  • They are located usually nearby the downtown or business districts, which is convenient if you work somewhere nearby.
  • They are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly.
  • Condos like the Koda Seattle offer lots of amenities to their residents.
  • They are spacious enough to accommodate both small families (singles or couples) and big families.
  • You can get a ready-to-move-in apartment in such a condo, which saves you time and costs.

We are pretty sure that your impressions will say more than our words. Just plan a visit to the Koda Seattle or book a virtual tour on the site, and you will ensure this is the perfect real estate offer.


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