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Alluring Alexandra 32

Alluring Alexandra 32. Character

Alluring Alexandra 32 was born in a small town in Ukraine, in a family of ordinary people, my mother is a school teacher and my father is a miner. Since childhood, I have been able to work in the garden in the garden in order to be able to eat something from the home garden. But I also always grew up as a talented girl! Alexandra loves to draw, dance and read books as well as travel! She loves to create something with my own hands in my spare time. Woman have been working as a lawyer for several years and this job gives me happiness! I work to help people in difficult life situations. I have already helped thousands of people with whom we are now good friends! What am I dreaming about now? Build happy relationships and live in love and happiness!


Nothing unusual, my hobby is practically my whole life, because I love what I do. She goes to the gym to keep myself in shape. I am engaged in full self-development, psychology, finance and loans. I want to go to the cinema, restaurants, theaters. But I’m looking for someone with whom we can enjoy each other and live for the common good.

Her Type of Man

For me, an ideal relationship is a constant development in the overall plan of the family, where both family members do not stand still, but constantly strive for something new that could support passion in the relationship. I am a very calm person, so for me the best solution to the problem is to discuss over dinner, and find compromises, be together against the whole world and if anyone wants to interfere, send to hell this person who harms our relationship. Where trust, harmony, love, care, fidelity reign.

Probably all this is trite, but it is very difficult to find those relationships in which all these factors are present, there are always some problems, and ideal relationships are those in which all these problems are solved, where everyone will meet the other halfway and give in for the sake of joint happiness. My past relationship ended due to a complete misunderstanding, they often quarreled and mutually decided that we could not be together, because I constantly went to a meeting just to avoid quarrels, and this turned into swearing. Therefore, reciprocity is important for me and I am looking for someone with whom we could just be happy all our lives, and not individual days.

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