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Top 10 residential complexes in Kyiv

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1. Residental complex «Tetris Hall»

Google Reviews 4.5

Tetris Hall has everything that provides a comfortable life of the highest level: high-quality concierge service with 24/7 service, multi-level security system, silent high-speed elevators, autonomous heating system, three-story underground parking, storage for bicycles and bulky household items.

2. Residental complex «Taryan Towers»

Google Reviews 4.2

The most innovative house in the country, which has no analogues in Ukraine. 31-storey premium house in the center of Kiev, with a total area of more than 145,000 sq.m. Own kindergarten-school, playground and several swimming pools for both children and adults. Own premium mall, where there will be the most necessary for life.

3. Residental complex “Metropolis”

Google Reviews 4.2

The main advantage of Metropolis is its convenient location. A 10-minute walk from the residential complex is Golosiivskyi Park, and only two – VDNKh. For shopping, residents of the complex will be able to go to the nearby Magellan shopping mall.

4. Residental complex «Respublika»

Google Reviews 4.5

The complex is a low-rise building with a closed area. There is a feeling that developers are targeting families with children – in this LCD you will find a huge pile of all kinds of children’s services. Plus – comfort and security – for those who need it most.

5. Residental complex “New Autograph”

Google Reviews 4.3

The residential complex is located in the Dniprovskyi district. Between the two buildings of the New Autograph complex, there is a closed courtyard. There is a park “Victory”, where you can go in for sports, spend time with your family or just take a walk alone. Near the complex, there are children’s and adult hospitals, several kindergartens, schools and large supermarkets.

6. Residental complex«Illinsky House»

Google Reviews 4.2

Residents of the Illinsky House complex have beautiful views of the Dnieper and the architecture of the historic center of Kiev. The well-kept promenade, cozy squares and architectural monuments will make your stay in the complex even more pleasant and special.

7. Residental complex “Fayna Taun”

Google Reviews 4.5

It is a human-friendly, technological and ergonomic modern residential area. The complex will be a logical continuation of the quarterly development projects that the company is successfully developing. We are not just building square meters, we are building a comfortable living environment. Our residents fill everything around with their energy and love for life. Here everything is yours and at the same time everything is common. We have lawns to have a picnic with friends, or to hide in the shade of trees alone with a favorite book; here are convenient bike paths for your new sports records and training in skillful riding; there are cozy cafes for intimate conversations and opportunities to work. Here is my home inside and out.

8. Residental complex «CHICAGO Central House»

Google Reviews 4.4

CHICAGO Central House is an ambitious project that combines bright Chicago architecture, world-class comfort and all the benefits of living in the capital. This residential complex is designed for those who want to always be in the center – in the city center, in the center of business and cultural life.

9.Residental complex «Obolon Residences»

Google Reviews 4.6

Obolon Residences is a premium residential complex created by Western standards by a British developer.

Unprecedented range of services and exclusive infrastructure of the best residences in the world’s metropolises – for residents of Obolon Residences: rooftop lounge area with Jacuzzi, gym, children’s room, conference room, laundry and five-star service.

10.Residental complex «Warsaw plus»

Google Reviews 4.0

A cozy and fresh neighborhood of Kyiv, where you can relax and unwind so much that you do not want to leave this place.


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