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Ukraine news. Investing in Ukraine

Ukraine news. Investing in Ukraine boasts of high growth rates. There are a lof of information about investing in Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, represent the investing in Ukraine like the greatest opportunity since the World War II

All the more so since today we already have several areas in which the presence of a foreign investor is not a matter of the ephemeral future, but of the very real present.

Ukraine News. Investing in pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine

The first thing that comes to mind in this aspect is pharmaceuticals, experts see pharmaceuticals as one of the most promising areas for attracting investments. According to last year’s indicators, capital investments here increased by 19.7%. Despite all the economic and political problems that arose in 2014.

Several well-known domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as representative offices of well-known foreign companies, operate on the Ukrainian market to a greater or lesser extent. “Foreign investors notice the availability of qualified personnel in Ukraine, the relative level of unemployment in the market, and support programs for state-owned enterprises in the pharmaceutical sector.

  They see a huge potential for the expansion of Ukrainian production facilities, where a wide range of medicines is presented. can be made according to the latest global recipes,” noted Ihor Mazepa, CEO of the investment company Concorde Capital. On the contrary, due to the significant difference in the cost of analogues abroad, Ukraine still prefers to buy drugs with a high profit.

Quality indicators of drugs, production portfolios and deepening of knowledge of specialists working here need improvement.

Ukraine News. Investing in Innovations and Technology in Ukraine

One can talk endlessly and only positively about the prospects of this industry. The intellectual potential of Ukraine in this matter has long attracted the attention of the world public.

We take the first place in Europe in terms of the number of certified specialists. The domestic IT business already works for a foreign customer almost 100%. The starting capital for entering this market is relatively low, and the cost of our services is significantly lower.

Today, the market shows 30-35% growth annually, and investments in domestic startups of this segment over the past 5 years have exceeded $240 million, which is much higher than the average for Eastern and Central Europe.

The field of IT depends less on political conditions and more on human capital, a narrower circle of specialists. If the factory is not moved from the security forces to Poland or England, then in the worst case, IT company employees can be helped to move. Although I believe that it is necessary to create such a business environment, from where business would not want to move, and then talk about attracting significant investments.

Ukraine News. Investing in agro industrial complex in Ukraine

The population of the planet is growing, and therefore the demand for food products is also growing, so agriculture remains a promising direction of development for any country. In this regard, Ukraine has many advantages – favorable weather conditions, black soils, traditional agro-industrial specialization. There is a lack of modernization of production, technology, capital and “business hands”.

In the last two years alone, the EBRD’s investments in Ukrainian agriculture amounted to about 5 billion euros. “The process of deregulation of the agricultural sector has begun in Ukraine. According to the estimates of a number of European and national institutions, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine is a leader in reforming the economic sphere within its jurisdiction, which contributes to reducing the potential of the agricultural sector. The gap between its real production indicators. managing partner of Everlegal.

In order for foreign investors to come to Ukraine. It is necessary to create conditions that will guarantee transparent and clear rules of the game for businessmen. Therefore, it is necessary not only to change the legislation. But also to overcome corruption and guarantee the protection of any investor, national or foreign.


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