50 Wonderful Conversation Starters for Couples
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50 Wonderful Conversation Starters for Couples

As time passes, the conversations may become boring or monotonous for you. Always remember that unless you keep on talking about the little things, you will be able to talk about big things, as well. We have listed some wonderful conversation starters for you that you can use to initiate a conversation with your spouse. 

1.      What makes you happy?

2.      When was the last time, you laughed with me the most?

3.      Some people think before they speak and other speak to understand what they are thinking. Which type are you? Which type am I? 

4.      Which food is closest to your Personality? 

5.      What do affection and romance mean for you? 

6.      When did I make you feel great lately? 

7.      What’s the best sexual memory that you have with me? Would you like to recreate it? 

8.      What is your favorite memory from our dating period? 

9.      When did you mess up with really badly as a kid? Which punishment did you get? 

10.  Is there anything that you have still not confessed in front of your parents? 

11.  Which song did you hate as a teen? Why?

12.  Which movie did you watch that you were not supposed to watch? What were its effects? 

13.  Which was the best sleepover party that you did as a teenager?  

14.  Who was your first friend? Where are they now?

15.  Your favorite teacher from elementary school? What made him or her, your favorite?

16.  What is the most embarrassing memory from your junior high school?17.  Which one has been your favorite toy? Will you buy it for our kids? 

18.  Who was your first crush? Did you ever tell him or her?

19.  Who do you think is the best relative in my family? 

20.  Is there anyone you miss till today? 

21.  Is there anyone from your past that you wish I could have met? 

22.  Are you more like your mother or your father? Why do you think so? 

23.  In the next five minutes, you have to tell me our life story. 

24.  What was your dream profession when you were 16 years old?

25.  Which game has been your favorite as a kid? 

26.  When did you get the definite feeling that “God exists and, He is real”? Which place were you at? 

27.  What is something that you have been praying for years and it is still not fulfilled? 

28.  Which one do you believe in more, justice or love? Why? 

29.  If you have to eat one food for the rest of your life, which one would it be? 

30.  If you were given an option to be a historical figure for one week, who would you choose?

31.  If you could seek advice from any historical figure, what would you ask and who would the figure be? 

32.  If you could kill Hitler by going in 1936, will you do so? Why? 

33.  One subject that you hated in high school, but you find it interesting now? 

34.  If you could be the president, what is the first thing that you will do? 

35.  Name any three things that you want people to remember you for. How can I help you in developing it? 

36.  What does ‘success’ mean for you?

37.  Your most valuable dream? 

38.  Five most important values for you? 

39.  Your pet peeve?

40.  What does your perfect vacation involve? 

41.  Who would you take along on a deserted island? 

42.  What’s the farthest you’ve ever walked? Why did you walk there?

43.  Your favorite type of physical touch? 

44.  Your favorite animal? Why?

45.  The décor of your ideal room in a house 

46.  When did your cry the last time? 

47.  What is your favorite way to get affection?  

48.  What do you remember about the first time we met? 

49.  What do you like to do when you are alone? 

50.  What is your weirdest habit? 


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