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Men's choice

What A Men’s Choice Of Car Says About Their Personality

Men’s Choice Of Car

Men’s Choice Of Car. Each our action shows the world not only the intention we have but also our specific features of personality. This is true for almost everything and choosing a car is no exception from the list.

Especially strong the correlation between personality traits and car type/color/brand is in men. Let’s discover what psychologists say about that matter and which cars are chosen by a certain type of personality.

What Psychologists Say About the Choice of a Car by a Man?

From the point of view of the psychology of the subconscious, most people are not even aware of the true reasons why they choose this or that car. That is, a person is guided not so much by common sense, as by an internal psychological program.

Today, it is ridiculous to think that the choice of a car is programmed just by its price as the market offers hundreds of options for the same pricing, so it is not the major argument to make a choice. Well, what’s it in that case?

The easiest way to prove that car psychology works is to show the car and ask if it belongs to a man or a woman. Let’s complicate the task and ask you to guess the owner’s age. Can you handle it? In fact, everything in the car betrays its owner. Of course, the rule is not one hundred per cent valid, but there is logic in this.

Some Features of a Car and Peculiarities of a Personality That Chooses It

Now let’s talk in detail about which cars are chosen by a peculiar type of personality. We’ve collected 10 brief examples from the most evident and even stereotypical ones to the results of a research held recently by some authorities. So, let’s start with this!

Fact #1 BMW owners are daring and self-confident personalities

Recall, please, how often you see BMW cars that are riding in a harsh and daring manner. These cars are merely the symbol of a self-confident man. The reason is hidden in two facts. The first is that BMW promotional campaigns were always created in this manner to show the power of the vehicle and its high status. The second reason is the belief of BMW drivers that their cars are of exceptional qualities. On average, the research showed that most BMW drivers are men under 30 who are experienced drivers.

Fact #2 Red roadster is a symbol of a risky man or a person experiencing a middle-age crisis

The red color of a car is often chosen by women. But when it is a powerful red roadster or a convertible with low clearance, you can be sure that its owner is either a middle-aged man who searches for something new or a youngster with an adventurous personality.

Fact #3: Ford owners are reliable and direct personalities

Despite Ford Motors offering enough options for all kinds of drivers, the latest research showed that predominantly owners of Ford cars are technical-mindset people who are reliable, knowledgable, and direct. There is a grain of truth in it as Ford has a reputation as no less reliable and technically impeccable car manufacturer.

Fact #4: Minivan owners love being in a company

Minivans can drive more passengers at once than any other car. That’s why an introvert won’t decide to buy it. Quite another matter is a family guy who needs to transport his big family or a real people person who loves to hang with friends.

Fact #5: The bigger a car the less self-confidence its owner has

This is one of the most famous signs. The larger the car, the more its owner experiences doubts about his own importance. Of course, if the owner of such an off-road crossover or pickup truck is the owner of the farm or ranch, then the choice of such a giant is quite understandable, but in urban conditions, the desire to acquire such a car rather speaks of self-doubt and the desire to show one’s own importance through choosing a car.

Fact #6: GM and Chevrolet’s owners are garage-time fans

Both these cars are traditional for the US market. And it makes their owners no less traditional in their habits. They are tech-savvy and often find DIY routines the best idea for their free time. You can easily find these car owners in their garages improving or maintaining something in their vehicles.

Fact #7: Decorating your car with some logos by decals or aerography are likely to be part of the crowd

Despite car decorations are a way to express personality, if these decals are just sports team logos, some club logos, or something like that, it is obviously their owners like to feel a part of a community. That’s not bad by it is not about uniqueness.

Fact #8: Choosing Toyota or Lexus is a sign of a reliable man

Japanese cars are recognized symbols of reliability all over the world. So, this feature is also characteristic of their owners. They are reliable and competent personalities.

Fact #9: SUV drivers appreciate safety and comfort

We’ve talked about large pickups and crossovers, but SUVs are a bit different types of cars. They are spacious and require more space on the parking but they also provide higher visibility of the road making the driver feel he controls everything and feels safe. That’s the key feature of SUV owners – they are fixed on control and safety.

Fact #10: Small cars owners care about the environment

Small cars are perfect for city traffic but they also consume less fuel which makes them environmentally friendly. In times when you can buy almost any car of your choice, purchasing a small car is not a hopeless matter but a conscious choice in the respect of nature protection.

These facts are just a peak of an iceberg in car psychology but they may help you to understand better the person who has one of the cars from this list.  


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