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20 Dating Secrets Women Will Never Openly Acknowledge

Dating is a mystery and, to be very honest, one of the greatest mysteries of all. It does have exciting moments but can also be nerve wrecking and awkward, especially during this digital age. Women have made several ways that allow them to find the right person. They would never unwrap these tools, but we will do it for you today. 

1.They do more research than you will ever know.

Women are particular regarding their research. They will check all your social media accounts. 

2.They will compare themselves to your ex.

They might find your ex on your profiles, which will lead to a harmful comparison, which leaves them with low self-esteem.  

3.They look at your Zodiac sign.

Even when they do not consider astrology to be a legitimate concept, they will still want to see if you are compatible with their zodiac sign.  

4.They give you a different name.

They never use the name that you have. For a code name, they might call you anything else that you will never know. If they met you at the gym, they might call you “gym crush.”

5.They crowdsource their friends for guidance.

They will have countless messaging coming to the group chat before going on a date. 

6.They want you to respect their opinion and also have their own. 

They will want you to suggest a place or an activity that you will be doing together when you invite them. 

7.They tell their friends where they are and when they will get back home.

They will have a friend on standby who might call them with an emergency to take home out of the situation if it gets uncomfortable. 

8.They may use an excuse to get out of the date

They may do this on the second date, especially if the first date did not go well. 

9.They have a small meal before the meal, occasionally.

This is unnecessary, but some women may do it if they do not know what they will be doing on the date. 

10.They look at the menu.

They select their meal before. This will enable them to spend lesser time looking at the menu. 

11.We have a glass of wine prior to the date.

We all need courage before the date. However, this must not be a regular practice because your nervousness is a part of you. 

12.We look closely at your treatment with the staff.

If you are not friendly and polite with the staff, then this is a red flag. It makes you look rude, not impressive. 

13.We try several outfits for our date night and show them to our friends.

They do not just try on outfits but do an entire fashion show for the friends and roommates. 

14.They experiment with several makeup looks.

They will keep on testing and then retesting makeup look for selecting the final look that they will go for. 

15.They arrive in time but stop at another place to not appear very eager.

They will not arrive early, too late, but wait somewhere on in the cue to appear on time. 

16.The text updates to their friends from the bathroom.

They might send a text when you are in the bathroom or from underneath the table. 

17.They are nervous when the bill arrives.

Regardless of how it will be split, it is an awkward scenario. It is always good to make an offer.  

18.They fill their friends in as soon as they get home. 

The friends have to get the rundown of their date, whether bad or good. 

19.We never want you to wait for three days before texting.

Texting is casual as compared to a phone call, so we like a text from you or a meme about something that we talk about.

20.They rework their calendars for the second date.

They will rearrange their schedules to ensure we are free for the possible second date. 


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