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Tips for Dating While Social Distancing

These times are weird, and we all know that. All of us have to stay at home in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and a lot of established special norms are not being practised anymore. Dating is one of them. How will be the relationship be alive if you do not go out? 

Given below are some of the ideal that will let you sustain and find love during the pandemic. Is dating one of the most pressing things in the world at his moment? Not really, but we are social animals, and it is essential to appreciate the power that social connection has. You can be vigilant and have fun even though these unprecedented times. 

  • Jump on dating apps

If you have never considered dating in dating life, then now is the time for it. You should change it. The business on dating apps is booming, such as OkCupid, Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble, so just make your profile and then start swiping. This can allow you to have fun and deep conversations with other strangers who are isolated. You have a lot of time during this time, so get started. 

  • Set a date up virtually 

If you want to connect with a person online, then you can set a virtual date up to meet them. This can be done on Face time, Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, or any platform of video calling that you like. Keep your stakes low and be casual as you would be on the first date. You can make it a fun hour after work hours and dress up, and then share a cup of coffee with your potential special someone. It might be awkward at first, but you will be fine after the conversation starts flowing. 

  • Be Creative

Meeting someone was different before the pandemic broke out. The question arises, how to carry this in these times? The advice is to be creative. You should not stick to texting or calling or video calling. Bring something different to this experience. Set up a picnic virtually. Keep on sending each other some dirt mad libs. Turn a TV show on and watch it together at your own homes. You can also download House Party and then play games together. These times are not standard, and you can get through them if you are having fun. 

  • Be Playful

Make sure the correspondence is kept playful. If you are like others, you must have had conversations with people where you end up talking about the pandemic only and the worries and fear you have about the World. All these topics are valid, and they do deserve some space, but you should not talk about them only. Keep some light coming in. You can use Marco Polo, an app that provides a video messaging service. It lets groups of friends or couples make a reel of goofy and short video messages collectively. It is a great distraction in the chaos.  

  • Change things up 

One of the essential things that should be kept in mind as you date is to change things up. Most of the schedules have been reduced to going from the bedroom to the living room and nothing more than that. You should make things fresh at all the opportunities that you have. Try things that are new. Experiment with them. Make some bold choices. No one can deny that the days we are going through are not easy, and we all are trying, but love is strong, and there will always be a way for it. 


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