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Everyone starts a relationship to be happy, share sorrow and joys and be together at good and bad times. But what if something promises to be happy for you to be toxic instead?

A toxic relationship, no doubt affects a person’s physical health, mental health, and life as a whole. 

Toxic relationships are not something one can detect superficially. 

Campbell, an expert about relationship advice says:

“What is toxic to one person might be perceived as normal for the other”

The level of toxicity varies according to communication style, conflict solving strategy, and dependence level.

 There are five reg flags, , if they are present, your relationship is toxic. 

1) Constant Mental fight:

The person you are with gets upset and picks on a fight on little things, So you are in the constant mental debate about what to say, What words to choose and if the conversation would turn into a fight. 

2) You invest but get little in return:

Relationships never work one-sided. You both have to give yourself for it to work. 

If you think you are giving your energy, time, and money to your partner and he/she is not even realizing your efforts, then they would continue to be this way, and you don’t have to carry the burden. 

3) Your partner holds you back:

In a healthy relationship, you become each other’s strength, support and understand each other, and are open-minded to the differences. 

 ” If you think your partner is jealous, competitive, and generally unhappy when you are doing well, it’s a huge red flag”

4) Lack of independence :

If your partner restricts your personal space, needs to know where you are all the time, spies on you, and checks your phone or computer, again and again, the relationship is likely toxic. 

5) Relationship costs your self-worth:

Does your partner ignore you, criticize you, judge you, or disrespect you? 

If yes, your relationship is probably toxic. 

What to do now? 

1) Talk to your partner :

Try talking to your partner about the differences and problems but still if he/she takes no notice better end it. 

2) Talk to your friend, family or seek a therapist :

Your trusted social circle can provide you emotional and financial help if needed. 

Talking to someone can help you see things more clearly and a third person might give you a suggestion that you, I being the victim cannot think of. 

3) Work on yourself:

Work on yourself and try to keep yourself better and happy. Find a hobby and do what makes you happy. 

Your mind and body need things that you after being in constant tension for such a long time.

4) Move on :

Don’t dwell on the past and try to move on. Life never ends on a single failure or a single person. There so much more to it. 

You just have to flick a page of your book, a single phase of life was bad, not the whole life.

5) Cut off the communication :

Keeping in touch or having a sexual connection might make things worse and you would not be able to move on. 

In most cases, cutting off communication completely makes your healing process fast. 

In the case of a child, keep the contact minimum and to the point. 

6)Take your time:

 Forgetting someone you’ve been spending your day night with is difficult. Take your time to move on. Don’t make rash decisions and take things slow. 

7)  Heal yourself before starting the Next Relation:

Heal yourself first, and be ready to let go of the past before you start a new relationship. 

Don’t start new a relationship only because you seek emotional support, heal yourself completely, and start the things being intentional and honest. 


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