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Seattle Tennis Club

No doubt, tennis is among the most challenging and beautiful types of sports. Tennis players become fashion icons and influencers, and the most popular tournaments like Miami Open, Australian Open, and the fabulous Wimbledon Cup are gathering millions of tennis fans worldwide.

Yet, tennis is not the only sport for pros. You can make it your hobby. In Seattle, you can enjoy multiple amenities for amateur tennis players. We’ll discover them for you to ease your preparation for the first launching of the court. Here you can find some useful tips about where to play tennis in Seattle (a tiny spoiler: Seattle Tennis Club is the #1 to consider), and where to get all the tennis inventory you may need.

Why Choosing Tennis As Your Favorite Sports

Firstly, why choose tennis? There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Tennis impeccably develops all types of muscles and forms the stature which will attract an eye.
  • Tennis suits both introverts and extraversive people. You can just decide whether to play single or join doubles tennis (including mixt pairs).
  • Tennis is considered to be an elitist sports type. Lots of celebs, royal family members, and world-known politicians play tennis. It is the game of aristocracy.
  • When you visit tennis lawns, you can make lots of useful contacts. When you are interested in networking in Seattle, just make a couple of visits to Seattle Tennis Club to get in touch with local business elite and celebs.

Sounds attractive? Then. Let’s consider where to enjoy this game the most!

Where to Play Tennis in Seattle

Saying sincerely, there are multiple options for where to play tennis in Seattle. Some courts are located on the university campus territories, like Nike Tennis Camp (Seattle University), while others are established in park zones, like Washington Tennis Club. Yet, if you want to enjoy the game in full and spend your time in comfort, you can be sure that Seattle Tennis Club is a perfect choice for you.

This venue is located in the neighborhood of Madison Park, offering its clients comfortable top-notch tennis courts and a fascinating lake view on Washington Lake. Besides professional tennis training, the venue often hosts prestigious tournaments (the famous Washington State Open is held there not occasionally). Moreover, Seattle Tennis Club offers lots of additional options to enjoy:

  • comfortable rooms to stay in,
  • deluxe lakeview restaurant for your dining or special events,
  • outdoor pool and private lake beach,
  • boathouse to rent a boat.

So, you can plan a real deluxe weekend in Seattle Tennis Club to spend time playing tennis and having your best time ever.

Where to Get Tennis Equipment

Preparing for your tennis training, you need to find a vendor who will offer you the best equipment. In Seattle, you can save time as you can get all the inventory right in Seattle Tennis Club, as there is a Tennis Pro Shop where all that you may need awaits you.

Spend your best time in Seattle by playing the royal tennis game and enjoying all the best offers of that venue.


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