How Do You Know When You are Ready for a New Relationship?


Most people think that in order to heal from the broken heart, it is a great idea to jump into a new relationship right back. But it is not the best way to heal. It means covering the wound and not cleaning it first. You must grieve on lost relationships. Even when you have chosen to end it, loss of dreams and hopes should be faced. 

You should go slowly in the new relationship. You should take time and then go slow in a new relationship. There isn’t a set number regarding how long you should wait before starting a new relationship; it is better to think in the time span of months rather than in weeks. Experts suggest that you must wait for a month for the number of years you have been in a relationship before you start another relationship. 

Journaling, talking to a friend or the therapist, or thinking will enable you to walk through the process and come out more intelligent, stronger, and emotionally intelligent. There are a few questions that you can journal, think or talk about. Go through the answers several times. You can have a new understanding of distance.  

Learn about yourself from the relationship that ended 

You can take help from the learning you have acquired about yourself from the relationship that has just ended. Understand the things that you did nicely and things that will help you become a better partner when you are in a new relationship. 

Readiness for the new relationship

You have to be healthy and whole if you want to be a part of a healthy relationship. As important as it is to have a good companion, it is also essential to be comfortable with your life and yourself when you are alone before entering a new relationship. You can ask yourself some questions that will help you in assessing your readiness for the new relationship. 

·         How do I feel about myself as well as my identity?·         Does my sense of self reside in the individuals that I date? ·         What are the factors of a relationship that is emotionally intelligent?·         How will I be an emotionally intelligent and healthy partner?·         Does my life revolve around my partner, or do I have some things that are rewarding and fulfilling in my life? ·         Are there other intimate relationships in my life?·         Am I avoiding or afraid of anything?·         Are some of my behaviors out of control, such as drinking, work, shopping, etc.?·         Do I what a committed relationship or a fun relationship? ·         Can I be direct and open about what I want with my partner?

You cannot figure everything about yourself and your partner in a relationship. However, it is better to know what you need and wants in the relationship as it will allow you to find a partner who is healthy, whole, and an excellent fit for you. If you understand yourself and the ways to act, assess, and observe yourself and your partner, then you can be a success in maintaining an emotionally intelligent relationship. 



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