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What Do Men Appreciate in Women

The topic of the relationship between a man and a woman can go on forever. There will always be plenty of arguments in favor of what a particular man appreciates in a particular woman, and there will always be those who will say that all these features do not mean anything at all. But are there any features that can be called “eternal values” when choosing a she-partner? Of course, they are! Although each era had its own fashion trends for female character traits, there is something that makes a woman attractive in the eyes of any man. Let’s highlight the 5 main features that men appreciate in women.

1. Beauty

Whatever one may say, it is the external attractiveness and the ability to present oneself that becomes the first and most decisive factor when choosing a partner. But we don’t want to make this list item limited to physical innate attractiveness. Modern women are beautiful, they know how to take care of their appearance, they have charisma and know how to present their personalities. This is what today can be called beauty that attracts attention.

2. Self-sufficiency

The times when a woman was just an attachment to a man are long gone. Modern men highly appreciate the ability of women to enclose themselves in their careers and social life.

3. Social activity

The younger generation of men understands exactly that every person is a part of society, and social activity is a feature of a smart and harmonious woman. It is difficult to imagine an attractive girl who does not have a social position, does not lead an active life, doesn’t participate in various social events, or is not involved in charity work.

4. The ability to understand what she needs, including sex

Modern women know how to enjoy sex, and they are not shy about their desires. This plays into the hands of both partners because a woman enjoys intimate life, and a man knows how to deliver it if a woman can explain her desires and needs. How can you not appreciate such quality?

5. The ability to empathize and support

Support from a woman is one of the main components of a successful man. In harmonious relationships, it is supportive and empathetic women who give a man the opportunity to reach his potential. Just imagine that your partner constantly criticizes you, behaves selfishly, and does not support you in your endeavors. It is unlikely that you will like such a relationship.

These 5 factors, of course, do not exhaust all that men appreciate in women. But it is on the basis of these traits that you can draw up a portrait of an ideal partner, you just need to add your individual preferences to them. And for women, this small guide can be useful as a basis for working on themselves, because it is quite possible, and even useful, to cultivate each of these qualities in yourself.